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What our guests say!


When my Mum & Dad go away I love going to my holiday at Golden Retrievers Homestay. I get to meet all my bros and girlfriends and we play tag in our own huge park.

If Mum & Dad forget to bring my favourite toy for me, I get to choose a new one. Yay! Sometimes, if Dad hasn't been brushing me enough, I get a full grooming, too.

My girlfriends think I'm really cool (and so do I). I can't wait to go back to stay.

Greg & Barb



Our dog Abby has been a guest of Golden Retriever Homestay for many years. We can’t say enough about the wonderful care that she has received from Kristina and Lynnaire whilst staying in their kennels.

Not only did Abby thoroughly enjoy her visits, but we always felt comfortable that Abby would be cared for with her best interests being of utmost importance. Great attention was always given to her health and wellbeing during her stay. Both Kristina and Lynnaire would go beyond the call of duty to ensure that Abby’s needs, and our needs as owners, would be taken care of.

We have no hesitation in recommending the Golden Retriever Homestay and the personalised service they provide to any Golden Retriever owners and their dogs.
Janet and Peter


We highly recommend Golden Retriever Homestays. Lynnaire and Kristina are warm and welcoming, and they really care about the dogs.

Our 6 year old Golden Retriever Rosie loves her time at the homestay. Rosie enjoys the large open space they
have for the dogs to run around and she loves interacting with the other dogs. The facilities are always clean
and well kept.

We have no hesitation in leaving Rosie at Golden Retriever Homestays.
Pip and Todd Nicholson


I have been leaving my Golden Retriever, Rocky, in the care of the Golden Retriever Homestay for a number of years. Whilst he is a little sad upon my departure, I know from his demeanour when I pick him up after his holiday that he has really enjoyed the attention he has received.

I have absolutely no reservations in leaving him in the Homestay care as I know he is being well fed, wonderfully treated and well exercised. The fact that I travel past 6 kennels on my journey to put Rocky in the Homestay is true testimony of my feelings. The facilities at the “Homestay”could not be better (it must be the equivalent of a 4 star hotel for us humans).

The effort that the owners, Kristina and Lynnaire, put in to ensuring the dogs in their care are safe, well-fed and have a great time, is just outstanding.

I am very happy to recommend the Golden Retriever Homestay to any owner of a Golden Retriever who wants to know that their pet is in good hands and will be wonderfully cared for when they are unable to do so.
Grant Kerr

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